Cooper Creek Tennis Center Expansion Project

The Campaign to Maximize Cooper Creek Tennis Park

In 2006, CORTA purchased 6.78 acres adjacent to Cooper Creek Tennis Center in hopes of building more courts.   

CORTA, Columbus State University (CSU) and the Columbus Consolidated Government (City) have joined forces to raise $9.4 million to expand Cooper Creek Tennis Center.  The new complex will include 12 hard courts, 9 clay courts, and 4 - 60' Quick Start courts.  In addition, a clubhouse will be constructed to house the men's and women's CSU tennis teams and the CORTA offices. 

Once completed, CSU will relocate their nationally ranked varsity tennis programs to what will likeley be the finest Division II tennis complex in the country.  Cooper Creek will again position itself as one of the preeminent public tennis facilities in the nation.  This expansion project will also greatly enhance CORTA's ability to accommodate the fast growing league usage as well as hosting local, regional, and national tennis tournaments that will have a significate economic impact on our community.  

CORTA's public-private partnership with CSU and the City is a collaboration that will eliminate the need for duplicative facilities thereby being more efficient with donor's capital contributions.  Furthermore, donors can be secure in the knowledge that any investment of theirs in this project will be protected as a $1 million endowment has been established to supplement the maintenance of the new facility.

Check out the renderings and information below, and see how you can support the campaign!  Contributions are tax-deductible and may be paid over a 2 year period, 2018-2019.

Ways to Give:

1.Give online                       

2. Click here for a contribution pledge form, complete and submit to:
    CORTA/Expansion Project
    P.O. Box 8236
    Columbus, GA 31908

3. For more information or assistance with your gift, please call the CORTA office at 706-317-4136.





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