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Have You Thought About Being A CORTA Volunteer?


Most people volunteer because they are asked. The reasons behind the yes are as varied as the people saying the yes. Some want to be part of a specific organization because they believe in the cause. Others want to give back to society. Many want to have social contact with a specific group of people. A few need some specific experience for a career or a job. Some like to use their creative and leadership abilities to make a difference. Do you see your reason here?


What does the volunteer receive for donating this precious commodity, time? Many receive the sense of achievement, of doing their best while measuring themselves against others, producing excellence and taking calculated risks. Some have the feeling of affiliation, of being accepted and liked, of enjoyable relationships and interactions, of working together with a concern for others and a desire to know fellow workers. Others are looking for the power to impact and influence, to be independent in their work, to attempt the impossible to achieve status and privilege. In addition, CORTA rewards each hour of volunteer service! You will receive $1.00 credit (per hour) towards the purchase of tennis merchandise, lessons or your Cooper Creek Tennis Center membership!

Your rewards can be be used for any of the following:

  • Private Tennis Instructors
  • Cross Court Sports
  • Cooper Creek Tennis Center
  • Country Club of columbus
  • Green Island Country Club
  • Callaway Gardens Tennis Tennis Center

To redeem your rewards contact CORTA to check your balance

Private Lessons/Cooper Creek Membership

  • Email amount requested and payable to information to
  • Use "Volunteer Rewards" in subject line.

Merchandise Purchase

  • Select merchandise from Cross Court Sports, Country Club of columbus, Green Island Country Club and Callaway Gardens Tennis Tennis Center
  • Obtain Pre-pay receipt from vendor and submit to CORTA

Checks must be made payable to the vendor/instructor and may not be made payable to the volunteer.

CORTA can use help in the following areas:

  • Tournaments
  • Leagues
  • Development and Promotion of Tennis 
  • Recreation
  • Junior Development - TennisWorks in the Parks and Schools
  • On Boards and Committees 

Volunteer opporunities list with a quick descripion of tasks.

Just use our online form, email us at or call 706-317-4136 and tell us about your interests and where you would like to volunteer. 

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All participants are responsible for adhering to the CORTA Code of Conduct.