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Solitary Doubles

What tennis will you play when league tennis is over ... COME PLAY PROGRESSIVE DOUBLES!

What is SOLITARY DOUBLES? Solitary doubles is intended to give players the opportunity to play tennis with a variety of players in a competitive, but friendly atmosphere.  In other words this is a no-fuss, low-maintenance, easy way to play in a relatively competitive match.

: Men’s or Women’s Doubles; three (3) 6 game pro-sets will be played weekly.

Players will commit to a 5-week session.

Winter session begins: Tuesday, Dec. 9nd
Deadline to Register:
Friday, December 5th

Ability/Level of play:  You will register according to your NTRP rating. 

Days of Play: Play will be at Cooper Creek Tennis Center on the following days:

Tuesdays @ 6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m. .........................Women and Men
Dates of Play - Dec. 9th, Dec. 16th, Dec. 23rd, Dec. 30th, and Jan. 6th 

NOTE: Registration is for participation on one (1) day.  Participation on two days will require two (2) registration fees.

Placement: Initial placement is determined by your NTRP level or reported playing level. Subsequent placement is determined by match results. The results from the individual rounds are tallied as a whole.   You play one set then switch around and play with another partner against the other pair. After each set you will change partners within the group so that at end of night you will have played with 3 different partners. For example, A/B play C/D, then A/C play B/D, and then A/D play B/C.

Player Name

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3


Player A





Player B





Player C





Player D






Highest score of Group moves up to next group for the following week, lowest score of group moves down, except that Highest score in top group stays in that group, and lowest score of last group stays in that group.  If there is tie on the total games won, the tie will be broken by coin toss.

Scoring:  Scoring will be based on playing three (3) 6 game pro-sets sets each night. Scoring is adjusted to playing one deuce followed by no-ad. Sets are played to 6, so if the score is tied at 5-5, a seven-point tiebreak should be played.  Players will record results of each set.  Substitute player’s (Sub) scores will not count for movement up, but may count for movement down.  Scores should be recorded each week on the court assignment sheet and turned in to the CORTA office.  There is a mail slot in the backdoor of the CORTA office (adjacent to court 11).

Line-ups & Court Assignments: Line-ups & court assignments will be posted online on the CORTA website ( 24 hours before play begins. Scores will be recorded each week on the court assignment sheet when all sets have been played.

Substitutes (subs): If you are unable to play in a given week, it is the responsible of the registered player (YOU) to find a sub. Subs should be of the same NTRP level.  Sub scores will not count for movement up, but may count for movement down.  It is IMPERATIVE that you find a sub if you are unable to participate!  Other players are depending on you!  Failure to do so may result in removal from future participation and forfeit of registration fee.  A sub list will be made available, but you may also select someone who is not included on the list to fill your spot.

Substitute (sub) List: If you are interest in being a substitue player for Solitary Doubles for the Winter 2015 season please submit your name, playing level and contact number to 

Showing up: Simply show up, sign-in, pay Cooper Creek court fee ($4 for non-members), and find your court assignment.  Balls and score sheets will be available for pick-up at Cooper Creek Tennis Center clubhouse each week. 

End of Session Winner: The winner of each session is determined by the highest score on the 5th week of play on each court.  If a sub has the high score for the final match, they are not eligible for end of session winner.  If there is a tie on the total games won, the tie will be broken by coin toss. 

Awards: Winners will receive a gift certificate for a CORTA League Registration*.

Fees: Registration Fee: $25.00 registration fee for five-week session (payable to CORTA)
          Court Fee: $4/night for non-members (payable to Cooper Creek Tennis Center)

Registration: Click here to register.

*Eligible Leagues
Solitary Doubles
City League
Flex League
Adult 18 & Over
Adult 40 & Over
Adult 55/65 & Over
Mixed Doubles 18 & Over
Mixed Doubles 40 & Over
Combo Doubles 18 & Over
Combo Doubles 40 & Over

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