Cross Court Tennis

Junior Team Tennis Committees

Junior Team Tennis Committees

Junior Board Member

Lee Norred

Junior Team Tennis Committee Chair

Mitchi Wade

TAUT Junior Team Tennis

Heather Cannon
Christy Lynch

School Junior Team Tennis

Alex Hinton
Luanne Ardovino
Ken Chung
Mike Mayhew

High School Junior Team Tennis

Erin Bouthillier

Spring Junior Team Tennis

Katherine Cartwright
Whitney Pease
Lacey Swords

Rules Committee

Deby Caldwell (Chairperson) 
Jim Fitzpatrick                                                                                                                                                                                      

Grievance Committee

John Illges (Chairperson) 706-596-9449
Ken Smith 706-610-7884 
Alison Cripe 706-405-9646

Grievance Appeal Committee

Mark Levy (Chairperson)  706-653-6211 
Mary Blackmon 706-304-6356
Bob Offer 706-536-5679

Code of Conduct Committee Members
Mark Levy
Angel Degree
David Overby


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