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Grievance Procedures

 Grievance Procedure/Appeal Procedure


Any league captain has the right to file a grievance against a team, player or captain.  All complaints alleging a violation of the CORTA Jr. Team Tennis Regulations or standards of good conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship, shall be filed online electronically with the CORTA Jr. Team Tennis Grievance/Appeal Committee responsible for enforcement.  Decisions of such grievance appeal committee shall be final and binding.

Play during grievance procedures: An individual or team may continue to play during a girevance but must understand that, if upheld, all matches played during that time may be defaulted

Types of grievances:  Violations of USTA Constitution and Bylaws, USTA Regulations, the Rules of Tennis or other sportsmanship, rating grievances, and player ineligibility and CORTA Rules and Regulations.

To expedite the grievance process, we encourage captains to file electronically.  Please read these instructions carefully.

  • You must be the captain of the team that has competed in the match where the alleged violation occured.
  • All complaints alleging a violation during local team compitition should be filed in writing (email) within twenty-four hours after the end of local league play.
  • You must include in your email a statement providing details of the grievance issue.
  • Your email must include a cc (email copy) to the opposing captain, your league coordinator ( and assistant coordinator ( 
  • Complaints are not to be made to, or filed with, the coordinator or assistant coordinator.
  • Failure to comply may result in this grievance being dismissed.  

Failure to comply may result in this grievance being dismissed.  Local League Grievance procedures are described in more detail in the Jr. Team Tennis Handbook and  the 2017 USTA Jr. Team Tennis Regulation booklet, section 3.00.

Please email your grievance to Grievance Committee Chair
John Illges at  Follow these simple instructions.

Identify yourself:
     1.  Give your name and daytime phone number.
     2.  Identify your team by name, level and flight if applicable.

Identify the person or team filed against:
     1.  Give the captain's name and email address (available on that team's Team
          Information Page or the contact sheet).
     2.  Identify the player or players (if applicable).

Give the date of the match.  Be sure the scorecard for that match has been entered on TennisLink.  The body of your email should include a complete statement of the issue or incident from which this grievance arises.

Grievance committee will follow all procedures as written in the 2017 USTA Jr. Team Tennis Regulations.  

Following the receipt of a complaint, the Committee shall, as soon as reasonable, review the complaint and if appropriate arrange for a hearing at which the parties involved shall have the right to appear personally and present evidence.  The Grievance Committee shall have the power to dismiss the complaint or direct the correction of any violations by reasonable means, including the suspension of a player or team.  The Grievance Committee shall prepare a written decision setting forth the basis for its decision and the deadline for any written appeal and promptly email copies to the parties involved.  The decision of the committee will be by majority vote.  The Grievance Committee will give a time frame for an appeal to be filed, if so needed.  


  • Any party to the complaint may appeal the decision of the grievance committee to the grievance appeals committee within the time fixed by the grievance committee in its findings.  Upon receipt of an appeal of the decision of the grievance committee, the grievance appeal committee shall act promptly to resolve the appeal.

  • The party appealing shall file written notice of appeal with the Chair of the Appeals Committee, Mark Levy, ( and shall, at the same time, send a copy to the chair of the Grievance Committee whose decision is being appealed, the area JTT Coordinator, and to the other party involved in the complaint. 

  • The parties appealing shall have an opportunity to submit in writing facts and arguments in support of the respective positions.

·       Appeals committee will follow all procedures as written in the 2015 USTA Jr. Team Tennis Regulations.

  • A copy of the grievance appeal committee’s written decision setting forth the basis of its decision shall be promptly sent to all interested parties and such decisions shall be final and binding. 

  • The decision of the appeal committee shall be by majority vote.



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