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Board of Directors

President - Lauren Isom
Executive Vice President - Sara Dismuke
Vice President - Bernard Francis
Vice President - Mark Levy
Treasurer -  Liz Wolverton
Secretary - Michelle Fuller
Past President - Doug Gibson
Executive Committee Advisor/Expansion Project Chair - Will White 

Awards - Sarah Riddick
Adult Programs/Development - Sheila Ezell
Adult Programs/ Recreation - Brian Smith
Adult Programs/ Leagues - Alexis Chandler
Community Outreach - Ed Tymes
Tournaments/Officals - Jon Deloach
Sponsorship & Development - Nellie Frields
Public Relations - Charod Dodd
Special Events - Kathleen Gilliam
Facility - Steven Thiel
Volunteers - Linda Gordon
Junior Programs - Lee Norred
Legal Counsel - Brian Worstell

Director Emerita - Lenora J. Garrard




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