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How to Rate Your Players


Junior Ratings.

A Junior National Tennis Rating Program (JNTRP) rating is a measuring tool that indicates a standard of play that allows players to track their progress as they develop their games. An accurate rating should give a player access to level-based competition. Level-based competition is about grouping players according to ability, regardless of age or gender. For example, players might be grouped together in compatible rating intervals such as 2.4 to 2.7 or 3.1 to 3.3.Jr. Ratings help match opponents of similar skill levels by placing player withing a definied scale using a consistent math algorithm. The rating scale for junior players is shown in tenths, starting with 2.0 and progressing to 7.0. Jr. ratings are updated every two weeks. If you have played a minimum of four matches in the last 18 months in JTT or a sanctioned tournament, then you have a dynamic rating. If you have not participated in those events you will have to self rate. 

Levels of Play - Beginner - 1.0 - 2.4; Intermediate - 2.5 - 3.4; Advanced - 3.5 and above. 

 Several tools have been developed to help a Captain rate their players to determine what level a team should play.  All tools should be used to determine placement of eligible teams/individuals in proper divisions.

• Criteria for Tournament Players: Players will use their junior rating to place themselves in the proper level.  Players without a rating, must self rate.   Players with a 1-100 standing in the 10's who are playing in the 10's must play Advanced.  Players with more than 170 points in any age group on the posted Georgia Standing List as of the end of July 2017 may not play Beginner level (NTRP 2.7and below).  Point totals include both singles and doubles divisions from which points were acquired. Points earned due to defaults will not be considered and my be deducted if noted in writing to the coordinator. 10U players with a JNTRP must play at the JNTRP if it places them higher than their standing.This has been made simple for you.  Click on the link and enter your player's USTA membership number.  
Click here to learn more about Junior Rankings
Click here to access the Southern Standings as of July 2017 for 10U

A Player Experience Scorecard has been developed with a series of 7 questions for players to answer which will assist in determing the level.  The experience scorecard is to help determine the child's skill level based on the NTRP guidelines so that the player is placed at the appropriate level for JTT.  Click here to access the Player Experience Scorecard.  

 Again, these are the tools to be used to help you determine the level of play.  Consult the parents and players and make your own observations.  You may want to ask a teaching Tennis Professional to help you with some players.  Each individual team member, not the team average, must fit the guidelines for the correct level of play.  The highest level of a player on a team must be the level a team plays.  For example, if you have two 2.0 players (beginner) and six 2.8 players (intermediate), you must play the highest level of 2.8.  Players can play up a level, but not down a level.  

Every effort is made by CORTA to ensure that all players and teams are playing at the correct level.   Please contact the coordinator if you are having problems rating your players.  We will be happy to assist you with any of the above criteria for rating players.  

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