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Beginners Program

Tennis 101
Tennis 101 is a beginner instructional program for adults (age 18 and up).  This class consists of sessions designed for the player who is just beginning tennis. No need to be embarrased about not knowing anything about tennis. You are guaranteed to make new friends and have lots of fun! 

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Rookie League
Rookie League is an introduction to league play for the graduating Tennis 101/102 participants. This league is designed to provide our beginner players who have never played league tennis before an opportunity to play organized tennis matches in a non-threatening, fun atmosphere. Rookie League is all about making our new players comfortable with match play, so participants get to play against players of the same level at all times. In other words this is a no-fuss, low-maintenance, easy way to play in a relatively competitive match. The team match consists of three individual matches, one singles position and two doubles positions. To help everyone get started, every team will be assigned a mentor to help players with any questions or concerns they may have.
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