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Sizzlin' Summer Singles - Level 3.0 Mens Night

Tired of the same old weekly tennis league? Or does your busy schedule not allow you to even play on a weekly league? The Sizzlin' Summer Singles League is "tennis on your terms".  In a flex league, you play against players at your your convenience.

CORTA brings “convenience to your tennis life" with the 
Sizzlin' Summer Singles league!  This league is perfect for tennis players with busy lifestyles and for players who just can’t get enough tennis.  This is a great time to get singles practice during the off season and improve your game for upcoming league and tournament play. 

Sizzlin' Summer Singles League offers USTA members all of the thrills of league tennis, built around your busy lifestyle.  You call the SHOTS!  

Players are divided into gendered and leveled flights and play a round-robin format.  Levels may be combine
d if there are not enough players in a division.  Play in this league does not affect your rating.  

Schedules designate opponents and home courts.  Schedules will include 5-8 matches and matches are scheduled one per week. You will have two weeks to play each match during the regular season.  The match shall attempt to be completed in the first week, but the second week can be used as a make-up week.  The default time for each match is the second Tuesday at 6:30 PM after the originally scheduled match date (ex. the default time for a match scheduled on Tuesday 4/10 would be Tuesday 4/24 at 6:30 PM). The default time for a daytime match would be the second Tuesday at 9:30 AM.  If it rains on the default day, then the make-up default time goes day by day, starting with Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, and then weekday to weekday at 6:30 PM. The procedure is the same for morning play, except the default time is 9:30 AM.

Each player must offer two available dates to play the match, which cannot include the default day, or agree to a date offered by their opponents.  Dates and times offered must fall within the valid match times listed below.  A player may offer times outside of the valid match times.  However, they can't be considered as one of your match offerings.  If a player does not offer two valid start times in writing and forces the match to be played on the default day, and the match gets rained out, then the player who offered start times in writing will be awarded a 6-0, 6-0 default.

Please reach out to the opposing player before the start of your scheduled match each week.

Note:  If both players offer two dates that cannot be agreed upon, then the match is automatically scheduled for the default time.  Players may continue to communicate with one another to schedule a date/time before the default day, but date/time must be agreed upon in writing to be officially rescheduled.

Valid Match Start Times

Monday - Thursday: matches must start between 6:30 PM -7 PM (night) 9:00AM-3PM (day) 
Saturday: Matches must start between 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday:  Matches must start between 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Friday:  Matches must start at 6:00 PM (night) 9:00AM-3PM (day)

Sizzlin' Summer Singles gives players the unique option of playing one level DOWN from their current NTRP rating if they have not played singles in a league match during the Spring 2015 or Fall 2014 League Year.  Players may compete at a higher level if desired.

Unlike team leagues, only one court is required for a Sizzling Summer Singles League match. Matches are to be played in the Columbus/Phenix City area.  You can play on ANY tennis court.  Courts may be reserved for matches at local tennis facilities.

There is a $29.00 registration fee ($24 league fee, $2 USTA Georgia League fee, $3 TennisLink user fee) per season and a USTA membership is required. Players may play at more than one level in the Singles Flex League.

USTA Members Click here for Sizzlin' Summer Singles registration instructions.
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Score Entry, Click here for score entry instructions. 

Sizzlin' Summer Singles League Details  

Registration opens: Wednesday April 18, 2018
Registration fee: $29 ($24 league fee, $2 USTA Georgia League fee, $3 TennisLink user fee)
Deadline to register: Monday May 14, 2018
Ball pick up: Thursday May 29,  2018
League play: May 29 - July 24, 2018  (Flexible Schedule) 
Drop deadline: Day before match schedules published


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2017 CORTA League Regulations

All participants are responsible for adhering to the CORTA Code of Conduct.


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All participants are responsible for adhering to the CORTA Code of Conduct.