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Wounded Warrior Program

Three Wednesday mornings each month, year-round (weather permitting), CORTA hosts Ft. Benning's Wounded Warrior unit.  At each session, we start with basic stretching and warm-up drills, then we move to an instruction phase to either teach the 5 strokes of tennis or to reinforce the skills of each participant. After that, we set up and play matches. CORTA provides everything needed (instruction, racquets, balls, etc.) at no charge to the participants or family members.


What: The 2015 Wounded Warrior Program of CORTA
When: The program runs year round (weather permitting). Three times a month on Wednesday mornings at 9:30am
Where: Cooper Creek Tennis Facility
Who: CORTA's Outreach Committee and Ft. Benning’s Wounded Warriors
Why: CORTA's Our goal is to help improve and enrich the lives of soldiers and their families through tennis.
How many lives impacted in the 2014 program: 288. This number of soldiers and family participants varies from week to week. 




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