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Soccer Tennis Tournament

Join us for a soccer tennis tournament! This tournament will consist of 3v3 teams playing soccer on a tennis court. We will have 1st and 2nd place prizes along with music, beer, food, and fun! Deadline to register is Thursday, June 22 at 11:59pm.

For more information, contact:
Jose Perez at 770-503-4899
Julio Gonzalez at 762-822-4292
Gage Joiner at 706-761-0766


  • Double Elimination (guaranteed 2 games)
  • First team to 9 points wins
  • Players can use all parts of their body excluding their arms or hands
  • Points are won by whoever wins the rally regardless of which team served
  • Per possession, teams are allowed a total of three touches and two bounces off ground
  • One teammate can use up all 3 touches and 2 bounces if they desire
  • Not all players are required to touch the ball during possessions
  • Not all touches and bounces are required to be used during possessions
  • Ball can be returned on the very first touch with no bounce if desired
  • Must wear NONE marking shoes (No cleats – only tennis shoes)


  • Doble Eliminación (2 juegos garantizados)
  • El primer equipo con 9 puntos gana
  • Los jugadores pueden usar todas las partes de su cuerpo excepto los brazos o las manos
  • Los puntos los gana quien gana la jugada, independientemente del equipo que saque
  • Por posesión, a los equipos se les permite un total de 3 toques y 2 rebotes en el suelo
  • Un compañero de equipo puede usar los 3 toques y 2 rebotes si lo desea
  • No todos los jugadores están obligados a tocar el balón durante una posesión
  • No se requiere que todos los toques y rebotes se usen durante una posesión
  • La pelota se puede devolver en primer toque sin rebote
  • Solamente se podrán utilizar zapatos tenis o zapatos de futbol rápido (indoor).


Registration begins on TennisLink:

June 14, 2023

League Play:

Saturday, June 24th
10:00am – 2:00pm
5050 Cooper Creek Parkway, Columbus, GA 31907


$75 entry fee per team
Only $25 per person
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