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Mixed Doubles (18 & Over/40 & Over)

USTA League Mixed Doubles offers competitive league tennis play at the local level, with teams advancing to state, sectional and national championships.  This program allows Adult 18 & Over players and Adult 40 & Over players of different NTRP levels to play together, encouraging participants to play with their friends, family and co-workers. Men and Women combine their NTRP rating to play on either 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0 teams. (Example: a 3.5 man and a 3.5 woman would play 7.0 or a 3.0 man, a 4.0 woman could play 7.0, etc.).  The 5.0 level, however, is a straight 2.5 level and players may not combine their ratings.  (i.e., a 2.0 player and a 3.0 player may not play together.) A team match consists of three doubles matches. Players who do not have a current computer rating may self-rate in order to participate. Each team roster must have a minimum of three possible pairings whose NTRP rating is equal to the level of the mixed team. (e.g. for a 6.0 mixed team at least three partners must be combined as the following: 3.0M/3.0W, 3.5M/2.5W, 3.5W/2.5M)


Registration beings on TennisLink:

October 23, 2019

Drop Deadline:

December 11, 2019

League Play

November 2019 – January 2020


$29.00 ($24 league fee, $2 USTA Georgia League fee, $3 TennisLink user fee)

District Championships

August 7-10, 2020- TBD

Section Championships


National Championships


Deadline to Form a Team

November 6, 2019

Captain’s Meeting

Ball Pickup Available

November 14, 2019 and regular business hours
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