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Grievance Procedure

To expedite the grievance process, we encourage captains to file electronically. Please read these instructions carefully.
  • You must be the captain of the team that has competed in the match where the alleged violation occured.
  • Your email grievance must be received prior to the commencement of the next team match involving such player or team, or within twenty-four hours after the end of local league play, or within 24 hours of the end of the local league season, whichever occurs first.
  • You must include in your email a statement providing details of the grievance issue.
  • Your email must include a cc (email copy) to the opposing captain, to your league coordinator, and if applicable, to the player.  If you do not have an email address of the player, you must, at the time you file the grievance, specifically request that the office send a copy to the player.
  • Complaints are not to be made to, or filed with, the coordinator.

Failure to comply may result in this grievance being dismissed.  Local League Grievance procedures are described in more detail in the Regulation booklet, section 3.00 and in the CORTA League Regulations.



Identify yourself:
  1. Give the captain’s name and email address. Give your name and daytime phone number.
  2. Identify your team by name, gender, level and flight if applicable.
Identify the person or team filed against:
  1. Give the captain’s name and email address (available on CORTA Directory)
  2. Identify the player or players (if applicable)

Give the date of the match.  Be sure the scorecard for that match has been entered on TennisLink.  The body of your email should include a complete statement of the issue or incident from which this grievance arises

Please email your grievance to Adult League Coordinator, Sara Dismuke

Send any questions about filing a grievance to Adult League Coordinator, Sara Dismuke



Sara Dismuke (Chair) 
Charlie Clippinger
Valorie Harbour
Roger Pearce

Ken Smith


Mark Mims (Chair) 
Marisela Humphries
Jennifer Williams


Mark Levy (Chair) 
Pauline Marth
Laura Wickham


Mark Levy (Chair) 
Angel Degree
David Overby
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