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Challenge Ladder


  • February 26 – September 30, 2024


  • M/W Singles  2.5-4.5
  • M/W Doubles  2.5-4.5
  • Mixed Doubles  5.0-9.0 (combined levels; no limit on NTRP level difference)


  • Challenge Matches: USTA league match scoring (two out of three sets with 10-point match tie breaker)
  • Points and Pints Nights: 8 Game Pro Sets with no add scoring (5-point tie breaker at 7-7)

Challenge Rules

  • Initial Ladder rankings for each division will be based on current World Tennis Number
  • Players registering while the season is in progress will be placed six (6) spots outside of the last qualifying position
  • Players may challenge any player within three positions of their current ranking
  • All challenges must be reported by both players within 48 hours (jeremy@corta.org)
  • The challenged player has 10 days to agree upon a match date and time
  • The challenged player forfeits position if they do not accept challenge within 10 days
  • If the challenger wins the match, the players switch positions on the ladder
  • A player may place, or be under only one challenge at a time per division
  • Winning player must report score to CORTA via email (jeremy@corta.org)
  • All rules apply to singles, doubles and mixed doubles

Points and Pints Nights

  • Will be free events with beer and food provided by CORTA.
  • These events will require registration but are included with the cost of the program

Points and Pints Nights Rules

  • Challenges randomly assigned based on registered participants (no limits to positions)
  • Special scoring (see above)
  • Participants may play up to two divisions per event, but only two matches total

Points and Pints Nights Dates

  • April 5
  • June 14, 28
  • July 5, 12, 19
  • Aug 9, 23
  • Sep 13, 27
  • Oct 4, 11
  • Nov 8, 15, 22

 Qualifying for the CORTA Championships

  • Players/teams who finish the season (November 22 Points and Pints Night will conclude the season) in a qualifying position (dependent on number of player registered) will qualify for the 2024 CORTA Championship Tournament
  • Tournament will be true double elimination and held December 10-13
  • Winners will receive trophies and other prize


Register Using Division Link Below

**NOTE: If registering for more than one division, contact jeremy@corta.org for a discount code before proceeding with your second and/or third division registration. Discounts are non-refundable and will no longer be available if you register before receiving the code.**

Please disregard the Match Play description, dates and times listed on the registration link.  It does not apply to the Challenge Ladder and is simply a default description in the registration system.

Singles – 2.5M
Singles – 3.0M
Singles – 3.5M
Singles – 4.0M
Singles – 4.5M
Singles – 2.5W
Singles – 3.0W
Singles – 3.5W
Singles – 4.0W
Singles – 4.5W

Doubles – 2.5M
Doubles – 3.0M
Doubles – 3.5M
Doubles – 4.0M
Doubles – 4.5M
Doubles – 2.5W
Doubles – 3.0W
Doubles – 3.5W
Doubles – 4.0W
Doubles – 4.5W


Mixed Doubles (combined levels; no limit on NTRP level difference)
Mixed Doubles – 5.0
Mixed Doubles – 6.0
Mixed Doubles – 7.0
Mixed Doubles – 8.0
Mixed Doubles – 9.0



Registration begins on TennisLink:

March 1, 2024

League Play:

March 3 – November 22, 2024


$30 plus $10 for each additional event
Limit three (3) events. You may NOT play in two of the same divisions.
Ex. Men’s 3.0 singles and Men’s 3.5 singles

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