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Players, are you looking for a team?

Click here to be added to a listing of players who need a team.

  • Please note: your personal information will be displayed on the CORTA website.
  • If you choose not to list your contact information, you may indicate in the comment section
    to call CORTA for your information.
  • If you find a team and would like to be removed from this database, please email llc@corta.org and we will remove your name from the list.
  • This database does not guarantee you a team, but it allows captains to know who is looking.

Captains, are you looking for a player for your team?

Click here to see the list of players who need a team.

  • This database will be posted year-round.
  • Captains, you can look up at any time to see players who are looking for a spot on a local team.  
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