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Tennis "Loves" Readers

Tennis “Loves” Readers is a reading incentive program that helps promote the game of tennis. Children, ages 5-18, can earn up to 20 voucher points ($20) through reading. These voucher points can be applied to any CORTA Junior Program. They can be used for a Junior Beginner Clinic, MATCH League, a CORTA Junior Academy,  Advanced Beginner Clinic, a Junior Circuit or a CORTA Junior Tournament.

How to earn voucher points:
Children will print a Tennis “Loves” Readers Log Sheet. Kids will log the books, the date and the time they read on their timesheet. Every 30 minutes counts as two voucher points. When the reader has finished accumulating points, they turn in their form to the Junior Coordinator and receive a voucher which can be applied to any of the Junior CORTA programs on the CORTA website. The parent will pay the remaining balance of the program.

What are the benefits of the program:
There are several benefits for your child enrolling in this program. First, reading is essential. Reading expands knowledge, builds vocabulary and develops better thinking skills. Tennis helps children develop coordination, flexibility, and strengthens muscles. Also, tennis helps children with socialization. It helps them to learn how to take turns, to get along with others and follow rules. All of these are great reasons why your child should be a part of this great program.

Getting Started:
Download the Reading Log to get started: CORTA Reading Log Sheet

The Chattahoochee Valley Library online is a great resource to find plenty of books to read.  Start by registering for a Library ecard.  Go to: https://www.cvlga.org/ecard/ and sign up.

For younger kids, ages 5-12,  recommended books can be found at:

For teens, ages 13-18, recommended books can be found at:


This program is a part of the NJTL Program (National Junior Tennis Learning Program)

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe






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