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NTRP Ratings

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is the official system for determining the levels of competition for USTA League Tennis. The primary goal of the program is to help all tennis players enjoy the game by providing a method of classifying skill levels for more compatible matches, group lessons, league play, tournaments and other programs. If you need help with the rating or appeal process, contact the Local League Coordinator at llc@corta.org.

Players new to USTA enter the program by rating themselves using the NTRP General and Specific Characteristics of Various Playing Levels, located in “National Tennis Rating Program” on the USTA League Tennis web page and in various USTA publications. The opportunity to self rate is also provided at the time a player registers for a team. Click here to watch videos to find what level fits your ability.

To self rate, you must first create a USTA membership on USTA.com. After registering, log-in to your USTA account and self rate on TennisLink. For step-by-step video instructions click here. 

Computerized ratings are affected by the score of a match as well as your partner’s and your opponent’s dynamic NTRP rating. Based on player dynamic ratings at the start of a match, the NTRP algorithm expects a particular outcome of a match. The actual outcome is then compared to the expected outcome and, as a result, a player’s dynamic rating adjusts up or down (or there is no change, if the outcome was as expected.) Computerized ratings are not directly affected by what position you played, your actual number of wins and losses, age, or team standing.

A self-rated player can receive a disqualified (D) rating by either receiving a dynamic disqualification or having a grievance filed against them. If a self-rated player competes only at a higher level, they will be disqualified from their self-rated level and moved up to the higher level of competition. No other penalties will be imposed.  

dynamic disqualification is defined as a self-rated player that has generated three dynamic ratings in a single calendar year, based on USTA League Adult Division play (except retirements and through to Sectional Championships), that are clearly above their current computer-rating level, regardless of the championship year in which the matches take place. An NTRP Grievance is a formal written complaint regarding an alleged violation of a regulation or procedure. (from regulations). Players that receive an NTRP Grievance will receive a disqualified rating and be promoted to a higher level. Players that have appealed their rating and received an A rating are also subject to the dynamic disqualification.

You can appeal your rating automatically through TennisLink. Note: if you appeal your rating inadvertently, it cannot be changed back. Contact the Local League Coordinator immediately. Self rate players can appeal up and computer and mixed rated players can appeal up or down if they don’t feel like their given rating is accurate.
Automatic appeal: Login to USTA.com and Click “Appeal Rating Level” on TennisLink. No further appeal is allowed if you are denied.
Medical appeals or self rates that want to rate lower: Contact the Local League Coordinator to file the appropriate appeal forms.th
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